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  • Careers in Foreign Languages - Ohio State University Find out how to put your foreign language skills to use in a variety of professions: business, education, travel, law, government, media, social services.
  • National Foreign Language Resource Centers Updated !
    In 1990, the Department of Education established the first Language Resource Centers (LRCs) at US universities in response to the growing national need for expertise and competence in foreign languages. Twenty years later, there are fifteen LRCs, supported by grants under Title VI of the Higher Education Act, creating a national network of resources to promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages.
  • Course Offerings for Less Commonly Taught Languages- Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA), University of Minnesota. Searchable databases of Primary, Secondary, College and University, Summer, and Study Abroad programs.
  • Boren Awards for International Study Updated !
    "Boren Scholarships and Fellowships provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East."
  • Office of Postsecondary Education, Titles VI and VII, and Fulbright-Hays Programs Updated !
    U.S. Department of Education The International Education and Foreign Language Studies domestic programs are designed to strengthen the capability and performance of American education in foreign languages and in area and international studies.
  • SCOLA Updated !
    "SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that receives and re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages. These programs are available via satellite, cable TV and the Internet to students of language study, ethnic communities, and anyone seeking a global perspective."
  • Ethnologue - Languages of the World
    From Who We Are: "The Ethnologue database has been an active research project for more than fifty years. It is probably the most comprehensive listing of information about the currently known languages of the world. Thousands of linguists and other researchers all over the world rely on and have contributed to the Ethnologue database."
  • DLIFLC Resources
    Language services and online products provided by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. These include the "Countries in Perspective" series, Weekly Training Events, and the LingNet/Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS)."
  • Lingua Vista
    The Lingua Vista website allows language leaners to find high-level language programs in the US and abroad.
  • Language Learning & Technology NEW!
    A refereed journal for second and foreign language scholars and educators. Sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) at the University of Hawaii and the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University.
  • Outreach World - A Resource for Teaching Kids about the World
    From About: "Outreach World is a growing online community of educators dedicated to showcasing the achievements of its members and strengthening vital links across the education spectrum, and between the United States and the world."
  • UCLA Language Materials Project
    From About: "The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 100 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs)."
  • Language Learning Links - Sussex Language Institute
    A collection of links to other websites useful for language study, divided by language.