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Area Studies—Regional and Cultural Knowledge—a prerequisite for exploring and tackling the
ever-increasing interdependent world and changing global issues. The Area Studies Resource Page represents a comprehensive compendium of Area Studies—Regional and Cultural Knowledge—online resources. Area Studies draws from the disciplines of social science and humanities, which include history, religion, politics, economics, military, crime, and narcotics, as well as current issues and challenges to include terrorism and other transnational phenomena. Area Studies resources on this page will provide useful background information for understanding and interpreting current events and actions at regional and transnational levels, and for possible forecasting of future developments and trends.

The Area Studies Resource Page, for simplification and easy access, will organize and present resources in the following two generalized categories:

1) Regional and Cultural Knowledge Resources: Resources based on the cultural-contextual influences on individual and group interactions. The combined, material and behavioral factors that define and shape individual and cognitive models, experiences and, by definition, communication behavior and shared understanding.

2) Transnational Knowledge Resources: Resources selected based on their topical subject matter knowledge that exist across regional and cultural line. Examples include, but not limited to, terrorism, narcotics, illicit trafficking, environmental, and climate issues.

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