Beginner to Intermediate (ILR levels 0+ to 2)

  • Wikipedia - Korean Language
    A substantive encyclopedic introduction and overview in English of the Korean language – its Alphabet, Grammar, History, and the like – with many hyperlinks to deeper sub-topics.
  • *Wikipedia - Hangu - Korean Alphabetters
    Article focused on Korean alphabet and writing system..
  • Omniglot - Korean Writing Systme
    Helpful for those who need a basic introduction to Korean alphabet for elementary research. Site also has additional information and language related links.
  • Virtual Korean Keyboard
    Useful tool that allows one to type in Korean using mouse and then do directed searches in Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.
  • Google Translate
    Translate a word, a phrase, or a document from Korean to English or reverse. Far from perfect but getting better all the time. Word level much better than phrase or text.
  • Youtube Video Series – Professor Oh
    Professor Oh offers a variety of videos which present the Korean language and culture at a introductory level and in an energetic and humorous way.
  • Sogang University -Introductory Korean
    A well organized and interactive study site which introduces basic Korean characters, terms, phrases, and grammatical concepts.
  • Korean Class 101
    A free study website that provides an introduction to Korean. Intended to be a fun and interactive format. Registration via email is required.
  • Korean Language Familiarization
    Study materials include elementary introduction, vowels, consonants, sound changes and intonation.
  • University of Texas at Arlington - Korean Grammar Guide
    Breaks down Korean characters, syllable construction, compound vowels and associated grammar. Explains some basic reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar principles. Includes overview of phonetics and everyday phrases.

Intermediate to Advanced (ILR levels 2 to 3 and higher)

  • Joint Language University
    An extensive NCS-managed language training portal available to USG and military only through account registration. Resources include SCOLA products: news broadcasts, news archives, and the Insta-Classes – a variety of exercise based on broadcasts.
  • DLIFLC Language Products
    Developed by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) for military linguists and available to all language learners, this website has some excellent sustainment materials; note in particular, Chinese materials in GLOSS which contains over 500 Korean reading and listening comprehension exercises, 116 of which employ video. Also see: Korean Weekly Training Events with more than 40 lessons.
  • Talk to Me in Korean
    Very entertaining lists of books and videos about Korean language and culture. This site offers a wide range of materials appropriate for those who have never studied Korean at all or for those with any level of background.
  • Crunchyroll
    Asian cartoon/Manga streaming website offers free viewing access with many Korean options.
  • Wikipedia - Korean Edition
    The Korean language version of Wikipedia is substantial – over 290,000 articles – and growing daily. Use not only as a reference but also as a resource for intermediate to advanced reading practice.

Advanced Resources, Media, and Dictionaries

  • Preset for Korean Language
    The Google search engine has been preset for you to search the Internet using Korean. Also ideal for target language lexical and contextual searches and other language-oriented uses. Use with: Virtual Korean Keyboard (see above).
  •  KOSNET– Korean Language Study on the Internet
    Website designed for Koreans living outside of Korea to develop and maintain language skills or to help teach Korean to their children. Users are required to apply for an account in order to access study materials. The site is viewable in English, Korean, and several other languages.
  • Quizlet
    Flash-card study site also includes memorization games. Words and phrases for all levels. Study existing Korean lists or create your own.
  • Squid TV - South Korea
    Comprehensive listing of Korean television programming links and news/media sites. Also: Squid Times - Newspapers and News Sites.
  • Voice of America - Korean
    Voice of America for Korean language news about Korea, the United States and the World.
  • Google Translate
    Translate a word, a phrase, or a document from Korean to English or reverse. Far from perfect but getting better all the time. Word level much better than phrase or text.
  • Naver Dictionary
    Korean dictionary contains over 160,000 words and phrases. Widely-recognized as one of the best online Korea dictionaries available.
  • Korean Dictionary
    Free English-Korean dictionary for quick searches. Includes Romanization. May be easier to use for beginners since interface is in English.