Beginner to Intermediate (ILR levels 0+ to 2)


  • Wikipedia - Article on Hebrew Language
    A substantive encyclopedic introduction and overview in English of the Hebrew language – its Alphabet, Grammar, History, and the like – with many hyperlinks to deeper sub-topics.
  • The Hebrew Alphabet
    Useful for those who need a basic introduction to the Hebrew alphabet for elementary research. Site also has additional information and language related links.
  • Omniglot - Hebrew
    Basic introduction from "the languages encyclopedia" to Hebrew writing system with links to additional resources.
  • Magictyper - Type in Hebrew
    A Hebrew language keyboard; use your mouse to select the Hebrew characters using the Online keyboard, then copy & paste to the desired location and do directed searches in Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.
  • Google Translate
    Translate a word, a phrase, or a document from Hebrew into English or reverse. Works pretty well with Hebrew, particularly expressions.
  • Babylon Translation
    Automatic translator for words, texts, phrases, and more. Requires free download to function effectively.
  • Do it in H ebrew
    A handy online Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew translation tool.
  • BBC Guide to the Hebrew Language
    Interesting site from the BBC introducing the basics of the Hebrew language, including audio clips and cultural notes.
  • Hebrew 101- Hebrew Language Overview
    This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the Hebrew language. The links on the left contain English to Hebrew translations as well as other useful information about the Hebrew language.
  • Surface Language - Basic Hebrew
    Learn some basic Hebrew words and phrases.
  • Learn Hebrew Easily
    This website is intended for anyone wanting to learn Hebrew. It assumes no previous knowledge of the language and it promises that it will “get you to decent level of spoken and written Hebrew.”
  • Fast-Track Hebrew Course
    Handy introduction to speaking the Hebrew language, including grammar lessons.
  • Heblish - Introduction to Hebrew Lessons
    Very basic Hebrew, written in English characters. This site is useful for those who would like to learn to speak some basic Hebrew, perhaps in preparation for a trip to Israel, but who do not have the time to learn to read the Hebrew alphabet.

Intermediate to Advanced (ILR levels 2 to 3 and higher)

  • Joint Language University
    An extensive NCS-managed language training portal available to USG and military only through account registration. Resources include SCOLA products: news broadcasts, news archives, and the Insta-Classes – a variety of exercise based on broadcasts.
  • DLIFLC Language Products
    Developed by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) for military linguists and available to all language learners, this website has some excellent sustainment materials; note in particular, Hebrew materials in GLOSS which contains over 200 Hebrew reading and listening comprehension exercises.
  • Internet Polyglot - Hebrew
    Free Internet language learning site. Features vocabulary for specific situations, such as ordering in a restaurant or going to the doctor.
  • Streetwise Hebrew
    Archive of Guy Sharett's collection of short podcasts, each one taking a fun approach to teaching modern Hebrew slang and idioms, along with some Israeli culture.
  • LaOleh
    A weekly publication in easy Hebrew, with vowels. Articles and currently Israeli news and include a glossary of new words.
  • Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective
    Fun site by a native English speaker who lives in Israel and loves the Hebrew language. He investigates Biblical, Talmudic, Medieval and Modern Hebrew, including slang; related languages like Aramaic, Arabic, Akkadian and Yiddish; how foreign languages like Greek, Latin and English have entered Hebrew; and how Hebrew has affected those languages as well.
  • Wikipedia - Hebrew Edition
    The Hebrew language version of Wikipedia. Use not only as a reference but also as a resource for reading materials. Most articles are at ILR 2 to 3 levels; you can also link to English language versions to facilitate and speed up comprehension and minimize use of working aids.
  • Transparent Language - Hebrew Language Articles
    An excellent collection of articles on a variety of interesting topics, each written in Hebrew and accompanied by its English translation .
  • The Academy of the Hebrew Language
    The Academy of the Hebrew Language is the world's premiere institution for the Hebrew language, and in Israel its decisions are binding on all governmental agencies. Here new Hebrew words and terms are created, and standards are set for grammar, orthography, transliteration and punctuation. There is also an English link.
  • HaSafa HaIvrit - The Hebrew Language
    For advanced speakers only: A creation of the Ynet Hebrew Language Forum, this outstanding Hebrew language web site contains a sizeable collection of links to Hebrew language resources for Hebrew speakers, including dictionaries, lexicons and reading materials.

Advanced Resources, Dictionaries, Media, Entertainment, and Miscellaneous

  • Google Search in Hebrew Language
    The Google search engine has been preset for you to search the Internet using Hebrew. Also ideal for target language lexical and contextual searches and other language-oriented uses. Requires Hebrew characters.
  • Google Translate
    Translate a word, a phrase, or a document from Hebrew to English or reverse. Far from perfect but getting better all the time. Word level much better than phrase or text.
  • Galei Zahal - IDF Radio
    This station broadcasts news, music, traffic reports and educational programs to the general public as well as entertainment and military news magazines for soldiers. The network broadcasts 24 hours a day in Hebrew.
  • Radio Station World - Israel
    An informational directory dealing with the radio broadcasters worldwide. Navigate and search for radio stations broadcasting on the Web.
  • Squid TV - Israel
    Links to major television stations in Israel. Also provides LINK to extensive collection of Newspapers and News Sites in Israel.
  • Israel Broadcasting Authority - IBA
    The IBA provides news programming directed at audiences abroad or in Israel through its IBA News programming available on the Internet. Excellent study resource as programs are in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles.
  • Surf Music
    A list of Israeli radio stations with links to listen live Online.
  • Morfix Dictionary
    A free Online Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary, contains accurate up to date translations from Hebrew to English and vice versa, phrases and idioms from all language strata, including literary forms, Israeli slang, acronyms and technological terms. The Morfix editorial staff updates the site continuously.
  • Sapir Online - Free Online Hebrew to Hebrew Dictionary
    Extensive dictionary for those who speak Hebrew well enough to use a Hebrew language dictionary.
  • Passing Phrase
    Hebrew idioms and expressions explained. A very useful collection with easy navigation.
  •  Learn Hebrew Verbs
    Select from hundreds of Hebrew verbs and quickly find their conjugations in all tenses.
  • Kizurim - Search Tool for Hebrew Acronyms
    This outstanding database is Hebrew-to-Hebrew only. Enter the desired acronym, in Hebrew, and it will list all long forms of the acronym.