The Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) is an unfunded Federal interagency organization
established for the coordination and sharing of information about language-related activities
at the Federal level. It serves as the premier way for departments and agencies of the Federal
government to keep abreast of the progress and implementation of techniques and
technology for language learning, language use, language testing and other language related
Who established the ILR?
The underlying rationale for the ILR arose through discussions in 1955 among James R. Frith,
then with the Air Force Language Program, Howard Sollenberger of the Foreign Service
Institute, and Clyde Sargent of the CIA Training Division, who recognized a need for better
coordination and communication in language training and testing among federal agencies.
The ILR consists of a broad membership of individuals with professional interests in foreign
language use in work-related contexts, including the teaching, learning and testing of effective
language ability and proficiency. Approximately 60% of the members are federal government
employees, and all members of the ILR Steering Committee are federal employees. Regularly
attending entities include the following institutions and organizations.
How do I become a member of the ILR? Join the ILR-INFO email list so that you will receive
information about upcoming ILR activities. To attend an ILR activity, you will need to register at
least two days in advance by sending your name and affiliation to the email address indicated in
the announcement.
ILR events and activities are open to all interested people at no charge.
How can I join the ILR-INFO email list?
To join the ILR- INFO List, follow these directions:
Open a new email message
Remove any signature from the body of the message
No subject line is needed In the body of the message type: Subscribe ILR-Info your name (e.g., Subscribe ILR-Info Jane Doe) > Send the email.


Government Agencies and Offices
Administrative Office of the United States Courts
Arlington County Schools
Bureau of the Census
Central Intelligence Agency
Coast Guard
Department of Commerce
Department of Defense/Office of the Secretary of Defense (DOD/OSD)
DOD: Army Foreign Language Program
DOD: Defense Intelligence Agency
DOD: Defense Language Institute Foreign
Language Center (DLIFLC)
DOD: Defense Language Institute-Washington
DOD: Defense Language Office
Department of Education
Department of Health & Human Services
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Justice: Executive Office for
Immigration Review
Department of Justice: Language Services
Department of State Foreign Service Institute
Department of State Office of Language
District of Columbia Courts
Fairfax County Schools
Federal Bureau of Investigation
General Accounting Office
Intelligence Language Institute
Library of Congress
National Cryptologic School
National Institutes of Health
National Security Agency
National Security Education Program
National Virtual Translation Center
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Peace Corps
Postal Service
Secret Service
Voice of America
Academic Organizations, Proprietary
Institutions and Other NGOs
American Council on Education
American Council of Teachers of Russian
American Council of Learned Societies
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign
American Translators Association
ASET International Services
Association of Proprietary Language Schools
Center for Advanced Study of Language
Center for Applied Linguistics
Center for Naval Analyses
Coalition for International Education
Comprehensive Language Center
Council for International Exchange of Scholars
Diplomatic Language Services
East Coast Organization of Language Testers
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Howard County Community College
Howard University
International Center for Language Studies
InLingua School
Institute of International Education
InterGalaxSystems, Ltd.
Joint National Committee for Languages
Language Learning Enterprises
Linguistic Data Consortium
Linguistic Society of America
McNeill Technologies
MITRE Corporation
Modern Language Association
National Capital Language Resource Center
National Foreign Language Center
National Language Museum
San Diego State University
Second Language Testing
Transparent Language
University of Maryland University College
University of Maryland College Park
University of Virginia
Washington Language Center
World Bank