Muslim songs, videos, concerts, and musician interviews:



Method #1 for accessing songs: From the main page of, click on the word “albums” on the column on the left side.  You should see it under the word “press” and above the word “album lyrics.”  Upon clicking on “albums,” you should see a page with a message that reads “Please select an album…”

From there, you can click on one of the icons featuring the artist’s cd cover, or the text above that image.  This will bring you to the page for that particular album.  You can read information about the album on this page in English to get a general background on it.  To hear samples of the artist’s songs, click on the link that reads “sample this album” at the bottom of the page underneath the background information.  Then click on one of the blue arrows that point to the right that is next to each song title to hear a snippet of that particular song.  To hear these songs, you may need to download Windows Media Player, Flip4Mac WMV Player, or MPlayer WMV Player.  You can do so on the same web page by clicking on one of the options under “movie player downloads.” 


Method #1 for accessing lyrics (with English translation): Follow the directions given above for clicking on “albums” and then selecting an album.  At the bottom of the page, under the background information given for the album, click on “read the lyrics.”   From there you should say the album title and year and underneath that, a list of songs in the order in which they appear on the album on the left and the lyrics for the first song on the album on the right.  Click on each numbered song title to read the lyrics to that song. 


Method #1 for accessing videos: Follow the directions above for clicking on “albums.”  From there, select an album.  You can access all the album videos available on the site no matter which album you select.  From there, click on “album videos” at the bottom of the page under the background information about the album featured on that page.  From there, click on any area in the icons that show the title of the song, an image of the video, what language the video is in, and the word “play.”  The songs are arranged by album and at the bottom of the page there are “making of” the video clips for several songs, although I was unable to open these “making of” video clips.

Once you have selected a video to play, play it by either clicking on the arrow pointing to the right in the middle of the video image or on the lower left side of the video image.  You may have to click on the arrow twice before the video begins to play.  You can replay the video by clicking on the arrow icon to the left of the word “Replay” once you have finished watching the video. 


Learning tip: You may want to print out the lyrics to the song from the “lyrics” section of the website as a reference during your video viewing time.


Method #2 for accessing lyrics: Click on “album lyrics” in the left column of the home page.  The link is under “albums” and above “album videos.”  Then click on one of the icons in the image of a cd cover from a particular album of the artist.  From there you will see the numbered song titles from that album on the left side of the page and the lyrics to the first song on that album on the right side of the page.  Click on a numbered song title to read the lyrics of that particular song.  Although many songs are in Arabic, a few are in English and a few are in Turkish, or a combination of English and Arabic or English and Turkish.


Method #2 for accessing music videos: Click on “album videos” in the left column of the home page.  The link is under “album lyrics” and above “hear the albums.”  Then follow the subsequent instructions given in Method #1. 


Note: You can also access the webpages of other artists by clicking on the downward arrow of the link that reads “Awakening Artists A-Z” from the top of the homepage for  This will take you to the same drop-down list of artists’ names available at