Testing Committee - General Information

General Information

This power point presentation, originally delivered at an ILR Plenary in January 2009 by the FBI,  provides an overview of the ILR scale. Fundamentals of the ILR

The following tutorial was created by the Center for Applied Linguistics for a Department of Education grant.  It provides an overview of foreign language assessment.
Basics of Assessment: Understanding Assessment by the Center for Applied Linguistics http://www.cal.org/flad/tutorial/

The ILR Testing Committee developed Can-Do Checklists to allow individuals to self assess their proficiency level using the ILR Skill Level Descriptions. ILR Self Assessments (select Self Assessments)

ILR Testing Committee Plenaries  

The ILR Testing Committee traditionally offers a paper on a topic of interest to the broader community on the first morning of the ECOLT Conference. 

ECOLT 2007

Challenges and Solutions for Testing Less Commonly Taught Languages

ECOLT 2008

Educating the Stakeholders

ECOLT 2009

Frameworks, Standards and Scales in the USG

ECOLT 2010

The Native Speaker in the ILR

ECOLT Papers of Interest

Assessment Engineering in Test Design, Development, Assembly, and Scoring;

Dynamic Assessment